It’s so wonderful just being in your presence. It seems to me as if all of my inhibitions dissipate when I’m by your side. And that’s the best part. Spending time with you, I don’t feel the need to do anything. I can just be. I’m able to be so unapologetically myself. It’s never been so easy to just simply exist.
Be it finding myself enveloped in your arms while watching the world in a delicate duet with the softly blowing breeze, or even if we’re just napping soundly with tired eyes while exhaling sleepy sighs—the littlest things like these make me the happiest. Time passes by so quickly doing even the most trivial and mundane of things with you, but I relish every minute I get to spend.
What is time, even, to us? Hours turn into seconds when I’m with you. The more we’re together, the more I realize that time really is relative.

Story time. “How I got her number”

So earlier today at work this Asian girl came in, and I thought she was so damn attractive. On moms, she was A1 in my opinion. The thing was, she seemed intimidating. So me being a pussy, didn’t want to even think about approaching her. So I brushed it off, and continued folding clothes lol. Anyways, this girl would occasionally walk pass me, and so we would make eye contact every so often, all I could think was her face, sounds cliche as it may be but I’m just being honest. An hour goes by, and I figured she had already left, and that’s when I begin to regret not approaching her. After what seemed like another hour, she shows up again, and I’m beginning to contemplate whether or not I should say something. I let her walk passed me again, and I lose sight of her. Again I continue to beat myself up for it. Here she is, and I have one opportunity to do something, and if it wasn’t now, it was highly likely I won’t see her again; and so I asked my coworker who was working next to me, what he would do if he thought someone was highly attractive, and knew that he had once chance to get to know them, would he take it? He replied yes, and that’s when I mustered up the courage. I quickly asked my manager if I could clock off for lunch, and hurried back to the sale floor —I quickly made my way towards our shoe area, where she was standing in front of mirror, eyeing these heels she had on [which by the way had me weak to my knees lol] When I approached her, I asked for the time, and she said sure and began digging into her purse. She was having trouble finding it, and added that it might take awhile. I replied, no worries, take her time. As she was doing that, without thinking I said, this might seem spontaneous, but I found her to be extremely attractive. She replied with, “oh thank you.” Lol. Then I proceeded to ask if she lived around here, she said she recently just moved down from the bay, and was going to school here in San Diego [SD State] I added with cool, and mentioned how I just moved down from Washington myself. Some time passes as we’re talking and I eventually asked if she was doing anything later, but unfortunately she was going to meet up with a friend afterwards. I said that was fine, and asked if she was free the next day, because I wouldn’t mind grabbing lunch with her sometime soon. She accepted. I told her that I would take down her number but I left my phone in my locker. [fuck my dumb ass lmao] and so she gave me her phone, and I added my number. She said that she would text me. —As soon as we said our goodbyes, I literally almost sprinted back to our break room to get my phone lol. I impatiently waited for her text but my intuition told me that I may have fucked up on my number. Of course I was right, and I approached her again, and said that I had my phone on me, and she could add her number on my phone. She said that she had already texted me, but I said that I never got anything. Come to find out that I did leave out a digit, and mixed up my number lol. [good thing I came back to her] after that, I said I would hit her up as soon as I could. Now I’m texting her lol.


sometimes I wish I could just have someone to mess around with, but I’ve never been that type of dude, and I don’t want to start now. I figured what’s the use, if I feel like I’m being fucked enough by life as is. A dude just want some loving. Too much to ask? Lol.

Lmao alright. Let me just say small fucking world. So a friend of mine, I haven’t talked to in awhile apparently moved from Washington. Today I just found out that not only did she move, she moved to Elk Grove. For those that aren’t familiar with the place, it’s a city in Sacramento. The funny thing is, I’ve been to EG multiple times, back when I was dating someone from there. I would fly out every so often, and gradually I became familiar with the area, and befriended a few people that I still keep in contract with. I just find it so funny, to think someone I personally know, would move to all places. What’s more ironic is that she goes to MT, and I know hella people that goes to that school. I guess I consider EG another home, away from home. Funny how the world works lol.