• this “move” down to San Diego from Washington has me stressed beyond comprehension. Initially I was suppose to stay at my brother’s for the time being while Elli and look for an apartment. Apparently he’s breaking up with girl and he himself is trying to move out. What created the even more complications was because she claimed didn’t know any apartments that would allow us to move in without proper proof of having had worked in the state for at least 3 months. I guess that’s something we’ll need to work on together. As of right now I’m just trying to figure out who I can stay with for the time being while my month is up in San Diego {hopefully I can finally get this apartment and live on my own.}

• I’ve neglected to also pay off my speeding ticket that I got in last December. I’m well aware that’s entirely on me, and I should have never procrastinated. I leave tomorrow, and I’m trying my best to get this addressed without any further stalls and or excuses. I don’t need to wonder weather or not this will create problems with trying to acquire my license in California. {stupid of me}

I technically have one more day left in Washington till I fly out the next morning on the 19th. I’m still nervous. Talking to Elli about our apartment together is already showing signs of complications. Apparently I can’t get an apartment without having had worked in the state of California for at least 1-3 months. So for now, I’ll be staying with my cousins in San Diego in the mean time. Elli hopes that after a month of working down there, we’ll be eligible to get things situated like we talked about. At least finding a job is something I don’t need to worry about, and I couldn’t be more thankful about that. The only problem I have with staying with my cousins is, I haven’t seen or talked to them since I was little, and I honestly can’t recall what they even look like. I low key feel like it’ll be awkward at first. It’ll take awhile to adjust to. Honestly just want my own place already. It’ll give me a little more freedom, and the sense of independency.